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    Holden Zalma, L.M.T.

    Founder of MetaTouch | Alternative Health Practitioner

    Founder of MetaTouch Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center in Culver City, California, licensed massage therapist Holden Zalma, brings a new treatment philosophy to the practice of massage – addressing the source of physical and medical problems, not just the symptoms, to treat the core issues at hand behind physical pain or ailments.

    Holden, now with more than 20 years of experience, began his career in massage therapy as an assistant athletic trainer at the University of Southern California, where he worked with the football, basketball, volleyball, and swimming teams treating – and preventing – sports injuries. While holding this position, Holden completed his degree in psychology and piqued his interest in physical therapy, massage, and preventative medicine.

    Throughout his continued course of study, Holden has pursued alternative and complementary therapies for both treatment and prevention. He is specially trained in the Myofascial Release Approach, a form of soft tissue therapy that helps relax contracted muscles, increasing circulation, increasing venous and lymphatic drainage, and stimulating the stretch reflex of muscles and overlying soft tissue. In addition, Holden has been trained in oriental medicine, including Tuina massage, a form of massage that utilizes mobilization and acupressure techniques, as well as more traditional therapies, such as assisted stretching and rehabilitation.

    Combining his passion for holistic healing modalities and his vision for treating the whole, not just the parts, Holden established MetaTouch Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center in 1996. The center’s approach to wellness utilizes therapeutic massage as a unique form of healing perfectly suited to treat the core problem in addition to the symptoms. Treatments make it so people feel better not only on the massage table, but long afterwards.

    Cathy Giannunzio, L.M.T., C.M.T.

    Lead Therapist

    I got interested in massage when one of my yoga instructors started doing body work and used my body to practice on. I am a runner and a martial artist, and although yoga helped with my hip pain from a deviated L5, her body work made it go away. I was hooked. I was working in the IT industry and also had my EMT license but thought if the opportunity arose I would go back to school, learn massage and make it my career. In 2007, I moved back home to MA, went back to school and graduated from SpaTech Institute in Ipswich, MA.

    I have worked with Chiropractors and in 5 star Spas . I believe everyone should incorporate massage into their preventive maintenance/health routine. I use a variety of modalities from deep tissue, myofacial, and positional release. I look forward to continuing my education with Holden in this amazing field and being able to add more tools to my practice to better tailor my massage for my clients on their journey towards health and wellbeing!

    I am currently State licensed in both MA and CA and I am also a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist.

    Greg MacTavish, C.M.T., L.M.T.

    Staff Therapist

    Greg is a licensed massage therapist as a member of the California Massage Therapy Council and former member of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

    He was trained by the Nevada School of Massage Therapy and has studied with various other continuing education massage programs. He has been practicing massage for over 10 years and uses that experience and knowledge with every client he sees.  Greg also specializes in therapy for injuries, chronic pain and tension.

    Billie White, C.M.T., L.M.T.

    Staff Therapist

    I am a certified massage therapist and personal trainer. My passion is helping others to feel better, move better and live better. I have over 10 years experience incorporating soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization and movement patterning to help clients find relief from pain due to injuries, repetitive motions, posture difficulties and more. I also use energy and breathing techniques to offer a relaxing experience from the stress and hustle of every day life.

    Through a series of events that led to injuries in my own body, I was fortunate to find educators and mentors to teach me about the body and how it works in real time. I found that there is no cookie-cutter approach to healing. We all require a specialized care package, and that is what I will give to you.

    When I’m not working, I love to workout, watch football , eat and read.

    Philip Martin L.M.T., CMT

    Staff Therapist

    My first priority is to help you inhabit your body with greater ease.
    As a life-long mover, dancer, and athlete, I’ve taken a few dings along the way. I understand how it feels to live in pain, and also how wonderful it is to see that improve.

    I trained in Holistic Massage Therapy at the IPSB/Life Energy Institute here in Culver City.
    Within movement, I am a GYROTONIC Method Apprentice Trainer and personal trainer.
    Much of my passion for this work is due to my interest in postural attitude as it relates to anxiety/stress response.

    I want to help you identify and resolve the root causes of discomfort.
    We will address your unique circumstances in an individualized session, using my training and physical intuition to find the best approaches for long-term relief.

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