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    Our Skills


    Corporate On-Site Massage

    Meta2GO Can Help Your Employees.
    Today’s work environment is high pressure and involves long hours, Corporate massage can help. Most employees are on salary with no ability to obtain overtime. Meta2GO On-Site Corporate Massage offers an alternative employee benefit that can decrease stress; improve morale and lower workmen’s compensation claims. Our specially trained therapists can handle all your company’s on-site massage needs regardless if you have 5 people or 5000. Since 1993 hundreds of companies throughout the southland have experienced the benefits of Meta2GO on-site massage. Call today for a free demonstration and quote.
    • Improve morale
    • Decrease stress
    • Increase productivity
    • Reduces sick days due to injury
    • Employee reward or incentive
    • Decrease and prevent workman’s compensation claims
    • Employee retention
    • The ease of on-line booking
    • Employee recruitment

    What We Do

    • Wellness Services

    Today’s healthy work place is based on the premise that employers should do everything in their power, to change the environment their employees work to best care for their health.  You change the desks, the computers, the lighting… What if in addition to or instead of these changes you worked to help change your employee’s behavior?  What if your staff could learn healthy ways to counteract the stress put on their bodies on a daily basis?  What if by incorporating simple exercises and habits into their daily routine, better ways to eat and control their diet along with coping skills to deal with their daily stress, you could lower instances of injury, fatigue and stress by over 50%!

    Well you’re in luck! Meta2Go does all of this and more!  Along with our amazing on-site massage services, we have packages that encompass the total wellness of your company.  By bringing in experts to educate your staff, monthly news letters outlining their wellness goals and our weekly massage sessions to help correct and prevent any potential problems before they occur, we can help keep your staff happy, healthy and productive.

    Teaching your staff these skills will not only make them more productive but give them skills that will benefit them for a life time.
    Our Meta2GO therapists can do more for employees than offer relaxation, our treatments can improve health, morale and overall productivity, as well as help prevent and treat the beginning stages of Carpal-Tunnel syndrome, low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, and many other work-related conditions that can lead to lost days at work if not treated or prevented. Meta2GO offers on-site ergonomics consultations, stress management training, self-massage and nutritional education, yoga breathing, stretching exercises, and more, and is a favorite among 100’s of companies though out Southern California.


    Meta2GO has been working within the entertainment industry since its inception. We have catered to big studios like Sony, Paramount, and Warner Brothers providing on-site massages to the permanent staff or productions being filmed on the lot. Many commercial productions have utilized our on-site massage services such as Believe Media, Serial Pictures, Anonymous Content, The Directors Bureau, Mad Films, Epoch, Zoic, and MJZ to pamper the cast, crew, agency and client with a much needed break. Meta2Go also works with individual motion pictures, daily television, and pre and post production houses.

    Meta2GO Therapists are pros on-set. Whether you’re shooting a big commercial and your director can’t turn his head, or you want to give your crew a much deserved reward while filming the next great blockbuster or TV show, Meta2Go can help.

    Meta2GO will seamlessly meld into your environment making all involved relaxed and rejuvenated. We bring all the necessary equipment and knowledge to treat everyone involved with the utmost professionalism and discretion regardless if its the guy tending to the plants or an A-list actor.


    Meta2GO Custom Therapeutic Massage offers packages to cater to all your company’s massage needs.

    On-Site Massage Services:

    Meta2GO will come to your place of business and set up our ergonomically designed massage chairs in a small conference room or office. We can then provide 5 to 30 minute massages for your entire staff. Our experienced staff can handle any size company whether you have 10 people or 10,000.

    Massage Account:

    With this option a company can purchase MetaTouch gift certificates for all of their employees. This would give your employees the option to receive treatments at our center in Culver City a time convenient to them .

    Special Events:

    Meta2GO can come to your next company event and attend to all of your guests’ on-site massage needs. Bring more attention to your booth or event, while relaxing and de-stressing all involved.

    Payment Options:


    The on-site massage service can be paid for in two different ways:

    • By the company: The company pays in full for the massages given to the employees.
    • Subsidized: The company and the employee both contribute to the cost of the massages.

    To get a customized quote or more information about providing massage for your company call 310-397-3422 today

    Some of the companies we’ve worked with:

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