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    Pregnancy Massage

    More Than Just a Time To Relax

    Pregnancy Massage

    MetaTouch strives to keep the miracle of pregnancy as pain-free and pleasant of an experience as possible. Our trained therapists can assist through every stage of your pregnancy. Whether it’s providing a basic stress relief massage or treating more serious conditions such as Sciatica, numbness in the hands, or swelling of the extremities, a MetaTouch Pregnancy Massage has far more to offer than just pretty candles, sweet smelling oils and relaxation! Our specially designed tables provide the ergonomic support you need to comfortably position yourself face-down during your massage, and our therapists understand the unique needs of the body throughout each phase of a pregnancy.


    Stimulating specific points throughout the body and breaking up adhesions that can impede the conception process can help increase the chances of getting pregnant.

    During pregnancy the body goes through hundreds of changes. Some can cause new aches and pains that your doctor has very few solutions for. Our massage treatment can help alleviate Carpal Tunnel symptoms, swollen feet, back and neck pain, morning sickness, Sciatica headaches and much more without any risk to the unborn baby.

    We run our lives by the clock and calendar. Unfortunately, most babies have their own schedules! By gently manipulating specific points on the body we can help move up the baby’s timetable and induce labor when your due date has already passed. There are also techniques to safely help turn the baby in utero when they are sitting in the wrong position for delivery.

    Post Delivery
    Now that your baby is here, your body has been through the ringer and sleep has become a luxury. It’s the perfect time to focus on recuperation, especially because during your pregnancy your body was flooded with a hormone called relaxin. This hormone helped your body stretch and grow to accommodate the baby, and for a short while after delivery the relaxin is still present. This makes it easier for your therapist to re-align your body so that as it returns to its normal state, everything is where it’s supposed to be. Another benefit of getting a massage after your baby comes is getting to take a nap in peace!